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Leave the stress behind and break free from the past when you consolidate your debt with a HopeSouth Visa® Credit Card. Members can transfer their balance at 6.95% APR* for the life of the balance. Lay the groundwork for a great year now and continuously reap the benefits of your own forward-thinking later down the line.

Make the right move for your money while side-stepping the financial hit typically required to transfer your balance. It isn’t always easy. Don’t miss your shot a stress-free switch today!

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. 6.95% APR rate applies to all balance transfers and purchases made between 11-23-2018 and 1-31-2019 for the life of these transactions. Normal rates will apply for all transactions after 1-31-2019. Special rate is not available for members who are over their credit limit or delinquent.