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Last-Minute Thanksgiving Saving Tips

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you might not be prepared. You might be panicking inside since you haven’t set aside enough money for the holiday. Take a deep breath. Prices may be going up the closer we get to Thanksgiving, but you’ve still got some budget-friendly options.

Save on Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to get together. As a result, travel is often required. It’s also usually costly. Additionally, COVID-19 restrictions can add to the problem. Group gatherings may be limited, and this could reduce the number of allowed participants. Not to mention, many cities have stricter travel restrictions.

To save money, you may choose to avoid traveling all together. Perhaps you’ll be able to host a small, intimate gathering with close friends or relatives who live nearby and then have a video call with loved ones who live far away. Spending Thanksgiving virtually may not be ideal, but it will have its advantages. You’ll save money from travel and avoid the hassle of meeting the requirements of the pandemic’s travel guidelines.

If you still want to travel, several airlines and websites provide low-cost flights. All you need to do is spend time searching the internet for good deals. While everything may become more expensive the closer we get to Thanksgiving, you may be surprised at the deals that will suddenly appear. Keep your eyes sharp for those last-minute discounts as you scan through flights.

Save Money on Thanksgiving Dinner

Whether you make meals from scratch or buy ready-to-eat food, preparing a Thanksgiving meal can be costly. One money-saving tip is to make your menu short and simple, especially if you’re on a budget, and won’t be hosting a huge gathering. If you are hosting a large group, make sure you plan accordingly so you don’t make too much. Leftovers are delicious, but having money left over in your account is even better!

Save Money on Decorating

While preparing and decorating for Thanksgiving can be fun, decorations can be expensive. Flex your creativity by making your decorations. This is an easy method to save some cash while showing off your inner artist. If you are completely un-crafty, then look for some sales at local stores.

You can also use what you already have in the house. For example, you can reuse last year’s Thanksgiving decorations. If you want to give them new life, then pair them with your handcrafted creations. If you believe it’s too late, then print off some autumn-themed images for quick, ready-to-use décor.


Having a happy Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a drain on your wallet. Try to spend the day with people you love by hunting for those plane tickets, setting aside time to talk on the phone, or arranging a virtual party. Who knows? You might even do all three in one day!