Our Story

We have almost 50 years of experience in providing solutions that have helped thousands of members improve their credit scores and gain financial freedom by helping to avoid bankruptcy, repossession, foreclosure, delayed retirement,     and more.


The organizational meeting for Flexible Tubing Employees Federal Credit Union was held on January 11, 1972 at the Flexible Tubing Plant in Abbeville, SC. Flexible Tubing EFCU continued to be a single sponsor credit union until 1985. In 1985 Flexible Tubing EFCU changed its name to Greater Abbeville Federal Credit Union and moved out of the Flexible Tubing Plant. With assets of $836,713, the credit union purchased a building and applied to NCUA to bring other employee groups into the membership.

Select employee groups continued to be added to the Greater Abbeville Federal Credit Union field of membership and the credit union experienced growth in assets and members. With this growth came the need to increase the size of the office. To try to meet the needs of the members the board of directors decided to add drive through service to the building. Due to the design of the building a window could not be installed. The drive through utilized remote teller units with cameras and monitors located in the teller area. The members were constantly ordering fries with their share withdrawals!

The credit union continued to grow and the need for increased office space became a priority. In 1996 with assets of $5,161,833 GAFCU began construction of a new 2,700 square foot building. The building is located on Highway 72 West in Abbeville and is dedicated to the members of GAFCU. In June of 2017, GAFCU passed the $20million mark in assets and celebrated it’s 45th Anniversary by unveiling our new name, HopeSouth Credit Union as we look to serve the next generation of member owners.