Other Loans

Personal/Unsecured Loan

HopeSouth members borrow for a large variety of reasons: home appliances, small home repairs or home improvements, vacations, medical needs, computers…the possibilities are endless. We will work with you to establish a flexible and affordable repayment term.

Credit Builder Loan

If you have less than perfect credit, don’t feel your only option is a payday lender! We are here to help with a wide variety of credit building, alternative loan products. It may not seem like a big deal, but a higher credit score means a better interest rate on your loans. And a better interest rate means lower monthly payments and more money in your pocket!

Line of Credit/Overdraft Protection

Apply for a Line of Credit today, and have funds available when you need it. Interest doesn’t begin until the funds are used. And the Line of Credit does double duty as overdraft protection. Should your checking account overdraw, the Line of Credit advance covers overdrafts. The Line of Credit is rainy day and overdraft insurance.

Golf Cart Loans

Need quick transportation around the campground or your property? We now offer loan on golf carts!

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