Financial Tools

When our members are financially healthy, our community is better off. Our goal isn’t just to make loans, but to give you the tools necessary for you to become financially self-sufficient. Our hope is that these services will assist you in any way possible to meet your financial goals.

Need to build your credit, or improve your current credit score? This guide has helpful tips to building a good credit score. Remember, a good credit score is key to obtaining low interest rates on the loans you need! Using Credit (PDF)

Your credit history is what determines your credit score. It is the key focus when determining whether you are approved for a loan, are accepted for a job, can rent an apartment and other vital opportunities. Understanding your credit score is the first step in understanding how to improve it. Your Credit History (PDF)

Payday loans are often looked at as a least resort when traditional banks won’t lend you money, or a small amount of money to cover short term expenses. Payday loans can often lead to a long cycle of indebtedness with high interest rates. Before you seek out a payday loan, read this guide: Payday Loans & Cash Advances (PDF)

Have you been a victim of identity theft? This new resource will help guide you through the steps you need to take immediately to help limit the damage. Identitytheft.gov

Medical debt is a widespread problem that can create havoc with people’s financial lives. If not dealt with, medical debt can snowball causing bigger problems. This new guide from the National Credit Union Foundation can help outline your options and help deal with massive medical debts. NCUF Medical Debt

Other Websites You May Find Helpful:

Dave Ramsey – www.daveramsey.com
MyMoney – www.mymoney.gov
National Endowment for Financial Education – www.nefe.org