ChaChing Kids Club

You want a lot. You have personal and lifestyle goals, and you have dreams. You also want the freedom, independence and responsibility to do it all on your own terns. With cha-ching! you can start making your own financial decisions and plan for your future. The HopeSouth cha-ching! account will help you manage your money from where you are now and where you want to go tomorrow.

student with a bookbag and books. Cha-Ching
little girl with glasses pulled down over nose - cha-ching

What You Get (with parental approval)

Savings – This account establishes and maintains your status as a cha-ching! member and owner of the credit union. Once this account is opened, you’re eligible to open and apply for other products and services, pending parental approval.

Once the savings account is open, you can apply for these products as well!

Debit Card – Make purchases from your checking account or withdraw money from an ATM. It’s convenient and safer than carrying cash.

Online and Mobile Banking – Check deposits and review your spending anytime. Check your balance, locate an ATM and transfer funds using the HopeSouth mobile app.

Direct Deposit – Have your paycheck deposited directly to your HopeSouth account

First Time Auto Loans – Our goal is to make it easier for first-time car buyers to purchase their first vehicle, and do so without taking on a huge interest rate from predatory lenders.