Auto Deductible Reimbursement

  • Pays up to five hundred dollars ($500) per Loss (UNLIMITED losses per year) when a Loss is filled and paid by the Auto Insurance Company for a Covered Auto the Member owns or leases evidenced by the title or registration, AND insures under an Auto Insurance Policy designating the Member as the Named Insured.
  • Loss means an event for which the Auto Insurance Company has approved and paid a collision or comprehensive claim which exceeds the Auto Insurance Policy deductible for the Covered Auto.
  • Coverage is effective upon date of enrollment and will continue for one (1), two (2), three (3), four (4), or five (5) year(s) depending on the benefit period provided.

If the member suffers a Loss during the benefit period which is covered by the Member’s Auto Insurance Policy, the Member may be entitled to reimbursement of the Auto Insurance Policy deductible amount up to five hundred dollars ($500) per Loss. To be eligible for reimbursement the Member must own or lease and insure the Covered Auto under an Auto Insurance Policy designating the Member as the Named Insured.

The Auto Deductible Reimbursement Benefit Does Not Apply If:

  • the Member does not have an in force Auto Insurance Policy on the Member’s Covered Auto at the time of a Loss;
  • the claim under the Member’s Auto Insurance Policy is not covered or has been denied by the Member’s Auto Insurance Company;
  • the Loss does not exceed the in force Auto Insurance Policy deductible;
  • the Member’s Auto Insurance Company has waived the Auto Insurance Policy deductible under the Auto Insurance Policy;
  • the Loss is for a Recreational Vehicle (RV), Trailer, Motor Home, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Motorcycle, Boat, Personal Water Craft (PWC) or any other vehicle that does not fall under the definition of a Covered Auto;
  • the Loss is other than a Total Loss and the Member does not repair the auto.

How to File a Claim:

Call the Claims Administrator at 1-877-296-4892 OR go to www.assuranceplus.com/claims to request a claim form. Notice of the Loss must have been provided to the Claims Administrator within 90 days of the date of Loss. To process a claim the Claims Administrator must be sent a completed and signed claim form, along with the following required documents, within 180 days of the date of Loss.

  1. A copy of the Automobile Insurance Policy Declarations page in effect on the date of Loss.
  2. A copy of the Covered Auto title or registration in effect on the date of Loss.
  3. A copy of the estimate of repairs or the total Loss statement.
  4. A copy of the claim payment check and/or settlement letter from the Auto Insurance Company showing the amount that was paid and that the deductible was satisfied.
  5. A copy of the check, credit card charge, debit card charge or cash receipt showing the deductible was paid.
  6. Any other information that may reasonably be requested in order to process your claim.


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