We know our members are busy. That’s why we offer online banking—a time-saving, ultra-secure alternative to traditional in-person services. When you bank online, you’ll skip the lines, the occupied ATMs, and the trek to the credit union. And best of all, you’ll have more time in your day for the things that matter.

A few other benefits to banking online:

  • Extra security
  • Mobile check deposits
  • Scheduled transfers
  • Customizable account names
  • Accessible account histories and credit card histories
  • Tax information and review payroll deduction distributions
  • Transfers from savings accounts, checking accounts, or line of credit accounts
  • And more!

Still not convinced? Check out our top four reasons to sign up for online banking.

1. Convenience.
Between smartphones, tablets, and laptops, most of us are constantly plugged in—which means that online banking can go everywhere you do. So if you remember that you don’t have enough cash in your account to cover that check you just wrote, you can fix the problem on the spot with easy mobile transfers.

2. Easy monitoring.
With online banking, you can scroll back months (or even years) to make sure your expenses line up. Even though modern payment systems work well most of the time, mistakes happen, so it’s important to stay on top of the charges in your account. You don’t want to accidentally pay $75 for a $25 dinner!

3. Online BillPay.
Scheduling online payments will help you avoid late fees because everything is automatically paid on time—no stamps necessary. This is extra helpful for bills that don’t typically fluctuate in amount, like car or mortgage payments. For bills that change in amount from month to month, you can easily pay online at your leisure.

4. Money transfers.
Whether you have kids in college or want to send funds to a friend, money transfer options let you send money where it needs to go. If you have multiple checking or savings accounts, money transfers are a quick, safe, and convenient way to move money between accounts as needed. That way, if a surprise expense pops up, you can spot yourself from one account to the next!